Music of Sitar


Audio Samples

Rosean Echo is an alternate mix from the CD Rosean

Penumbral solo, for surbahar, is extracted from the CD Raga Fission.

Evening is a solo sitar track.

SR2 is from Sitar-Rhythmia, with Bill Mead percussion.

Penumbral Solo

The opening solo section of the track "Penumbral" 

extracted from the OM RASA  CD Raga Fission.

This solo is played on surbahar.



 piece is for sitar solo

Rosean Echo

A track for sitar with added percussion. From the CD "Rosean".

Sitar Rhythmia 2

From the upcoming  C D release by Sitar-Rhythmia. 

This track is currently untitled.

Sitar and percussion.