Music of Sitar



Includes 3 tracks

               Rosean Light

               Rosean Wind

               Rosean Echo


Rosean Light and Rosean Wind are extended solos for sitar.

Rosean Echo is sitar with added percussion.

This limited edition, full length, CD is currently available only from the artist.

Inner Spaces


Includes 2 Tracks




Both Immersion and Emergence are extended sitar solos.

This limited edition, full length, CD is currently available only from the artist.

Sitar Dreams


Includes 4 tracks

              Journey with a Smile

              Birds in winter

              The Spirit Awakens

              The Spirit Dances


Journey with a Smile, The Spirit Awakens, and Spirit Dance, are for solo sitar

Birds in Winter is a solo for Surbahar.

This Limited Edition, full length, CD is currently available only from the artist.

OM RASA - Raga Fission


Includes 6 tracks

         North to South     (sitar & ghatam)

         Oklo                     (sitar & kanjira) 

         Chain Reaction     (sitar & kanjira)

         Penumbral        (surbahar & kanjira)

         Monsoon Delta      (sitar & kanjira)

         Impromptusion      (sitar & ghatam)


This recording was the result of one long afternoon session of spontaneous improvisations.

It features the very rare combination of sitar accompanied by south Indian percussion, kanjira and ghatam.

Raga fission is available in both CD and digital formats from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, & many other online sources. 

Raga Fission - review

Far better than I was expecting!

I admit to having doubts that a western musician can truly grasp the soul of classical Indian music. And truthfully the idea is still up for debate, in my opinion. So when I ordered this disc on a whim I wasn't expecting anything more than a good attempt, with some entertainment value, yet less than serious playing. Upon listening to this disc I was more than a little surprised. Whether it's because of the musical-style fusion or the possible "westernization" of the music, I found it entertaining from beginning to end. Unlike so many recordings that, to the novice listener, remind one of nothing more than 20 minutes of plucking a rubber band at the start, this recording takes a hold of the listener from the first song and provides a rhythmic blend of tradition with an almost rock like under tone. Brilliant! If someone were to buy a disc that would introduce him or her to Indian music, without being forced into the heavier traditional styles, I would recommend this disc without hesitation. I'm not familiar with either of the musicians, but would love to have another recording by these two released in the near future.     --Joseph H.